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About Us

About Us

Positive Families is a specialist positive psychology practice providing a comprehensive range of specialised counselling and therapy for adults, adolescents, children, and couples. We work with people across the broad spectrum of mental health – from therapy or treatment of mental health issues to building resilience and strengths to enhance well-being.

We are passionate about providing our clients with practical tools to cultivate their unique strengths to thrive and flourish. We are also accredited by the Attorney General’s Office to provide Family Dispute Resolution Mediation.

Our psychologists are bound by the APS Code of Ethics and are actively involved in ongoing professional education. What makes our team unique is the down-to-earth and practical manner in which we engage with our clients. We understand the importance of providing practical, common-sense strategies and solutions for life.

Our Vision and Values

At Positive Families, our core values are integral to who we are and how we support you.  

  • We are Compassionate
  • We are Inclusive
  • We are Hopeful
  • We are Understanding