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A Psychologist’s story: Turning trials into triumph

A Psychologist’s story: Turning trials into triumph

Growing up in Melbourne, my childhood might have looked idyllic – private schools, a beautiful home, and a closet bursting with the latest clothes. But behind closed doors, my family life was far from picture-perfect.

Living in a household where anxiety was forever present, I found myself on edge every time my dad returned from work. Navigating through his unpredictable mood swings and explosive anger meant staying out of his way to avoid his fury. Growing up under the shadow of such intense emotions took a toll on my mental well-being.

Primary school wasn’t any easier. Chronic bullying targeted at my weight left scars that lingered for years. The daily taunts of “here comes tank” chipped away at my confidence, making it hard to feel like I belonged. High school marked a downward spiral from a hardworking student to a depressed, insecure, and reckless teenager. Dreams of studying psychology were replaced by an overwhelming fear and an unrelenting inner critic.


Despite my family struggles, my entrepreneurial spirit propelled me to success in the fashion industry, eventually leading me to the vibrant streets of London. As I travelled around England, my self-worth began to blossom, and I started feeling “good enough.” Everything seemed to align until life threw an unexpected curveball.

On a sunny day in the English countryside, a fatal car accident changed everything. Plunging into post-traumatic stress, I grappled with flashbacks, panic attacks, and severe sleep disturbances. Returning to Melbourne, I sought psychological support, marking the start of a profound personal transformation. My journey into psychology unfolded, and I discovered my true calling.

This journey towards healing sparked a desire to make a positive impact on the world. Despite sacrifices, like burning the midnight oil while my daughters slept, I took a leap of faith and pursued a six-year study to become a psychologist.

Armed with a degree in Psychology, I opened Positive Families, a practice that focuses on a non-clinical, positive, strength-based approach. The mission is clear – shift the narrative from merely treating symptoms to promoting overall well-being.


Sharing my story goes beyond recounting events; it’s an affirmation that adversity doesn’t have to define who you are. Having battled anxiety, depression, and self-doubt, I know the struggles many face. I understand the power of therapy to bring about transformation. Mental health struggles are universal, and feeling heard and supported can lead to profound growth and change.

At the heart of my life is my family – a source of love and challenges. As a parent, I strive to strike a balance between guidance and independence. Passionate about personal growth, I’ve been practicing meditation for over a decade. Raised in a Christian home, my spiritual journey has expanded through Eastern philosophy and Zen Buddhism. Recognising the beauty in each person’s path, I continue to deepen my own experiences.

So, here’s an open invitation to Positive Families – where life’s ups and downs are acknowledged, embraced, and transformed into stepping stones towards a brighter tomorrow.

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